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I need to make sure my hardware supports Intel AMT technology. I need to get into Intel ME settings. I have Dell T3610 and I do not see Ctrl+P on POST and neither do anything happens when I press this. Please suggest any command or software link that checks and verifies the same.
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Here a guide that dell wrong on Intel atm and that model.

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minimally the ME engine interface should be seen in the device manager hardware listing as shown below

Regardless, catch the tip as other model is not necessarily seeing the Ctrl+P directly
When you boot up the system, get into Intel ME settings (how to do this vary among the OEMs. For some, there will be a message to hit <CTRL + P> while booting up to get into the MEBx settings; for others, hitting F2 (or Del) while booting will take you to the Bios settings where there is a separate tab for Intel ME).
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