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laserjet 5525 problem

how to go service menu of hp laserjet 5525 and change less paper curl

 on printer , i am not able to
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You can't.

Number of ways to fix.

Type of paper.
Paper side used.
Weight of paper.
Paper manufacturer.
Fuser temperature.
Humidity of environment.

No guarantee that any of these will work.

Have a look at http://www.fixyourownprinter.com/forums/laser/29659 and http://word.tips.net/T003507_Reducing_the_Curl_in_Printed_Documents.html for more ideas.
There is no setting in the printer to "reduce paper curl".

Instead, the things suggested by dbrunton may help. Some of those things can be changed in the driver. The Paper Type seting is probably the most important setting to affect it. Paper Type will, among other things, change the fuser temperature. Normally Paper Type is set to match the paper type actually used, but in case of problems you can try changing the setting. With your printer, as far as I know, there is no other way of change fuser temperature, except by a service technician. And, just changing the fuser temp willy nilly will probably cause other problems.

What kind of paper are you using? Some papers are prone to curling. Does it curl with 80 gsm bond paper?


there is setting in service to change paper curl.....but am not able to open service menu


by the way how to change fuser temp ?
Spike99On-Site IT Technician
If you can't open the service menu, you probably have to log on using the Admin password.   You can change printer curl settings in there if you are logged on with admin rights.  You can change it to "Normal" or "Reduced" (Normal is the default).

Otherwise, you can try different paper as others have suggested.

Here's the manual for that printer:

Print quality troubleshooting is on page 194 (actually page 210 of the PDF document).  That page also recommends trying different paper if you're having issues with the paper curling:
Use different paper if you are having any of the following problems:
● The printing is too light or seems faded in areas.
● Specks of toner are on the printed pages.
● Toner is smearing on the printed pages.
● Printed characters seem misformed.
● Printed pages are curled
According to this HP site, you need a PIN (05520006) to enter the service menu.

See page 40 of the User Manual
Spike99On-Site IT Technician

Those links you posted are for the 5200 series laserjet, this question is about the 5520.

This page lists the PINs for the service menu for many laserjet models and it says the PIN for the CP5525 is:  11552010

But, I would make sure you're using the recommended paper type before changing any settings in the service menu.
My bad, Alicia - I was looking for 5225...
Thanks for the points, Alicia.

From all the suggestions, what was the actual problem, and how did you fix it?