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dell poweredge 1950 nic issue

ive installed windows 2008 and detected and installed windows updates as this will be the master dc/dns/dhcp server.

- I have also set network discovery to - on
- static ip address is set

however when I plug my network cable from the server to my test hub, it attempts to identify connection and on completion just shows as 'unidentified'

test carried out:

- ping local static address - successfully
- ipconfig /all shows static ip - successfully

- dg - not added currently

previously when I purchased this 'dell poweredge 1950' I had I think this same problem but I did not make a note of resolution.  it did not come with any nic drivers and as ive also detected 155 windows updates last night I would have thought it would resolve my issue.

currently I am not plugged into the 'internet' now as I am now plugged into a temporary hub because later on I will setup my cisco switch via my asa5505 like I have done in the passed.

question 1.  does anyone have any ideas  ?
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Dirk Mare
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Add your domain name to the dns suffix option under your tcpip advanced adapter settings/properties.

Disable and re-enable your LAN adapter

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hi dirk,  that is not the issue.

I have done:

ipconfig /flushdns

I have reset my virgin router box for my internet and can receive internet access on my server.  so I have unplugged my server and plugged back into my hub and set my server with as usual a 'static ip', but same 'unidentified connection' via the cable and not sure why as a result although yes I can ping my static ip and view in 'ipconfig /all' it shows and un-identified.

don't forget I cannot run: dcpromo, yet because when I run it, it wont go beyond dns because it cannot detect a 'static ip'.  so im confused.

this is a brand new clean install with just 155 updates detected initially and as I plugged back to my virgin hub to test my cable which is all good as I can get internet connection, my windows updates downloaded 2 more updates, but now im plugged back into my hub as described but still 'un-identified'.
yes I have 'disabled and re-enabled' the nic and 'reset' but same issue.
why I cannot get a network connection between my server and my hub or switch is beyond me as I can ping and view static address.

I might just have to run a clean install again.
I am using 'putty' but when I try and connect to my cisco 2950 it states basically theres no connection.

all I have done is:

- clean install
- connected to virgin isp and downloaded 157 in total updates and then disconnected from virgin hub and plugged into cisco switch or hub for connectivity testing but same 'unidentified'.!!!!!!!
its too late now im about to install 'windows 2008 standard' instead of 'enterprise' since cannot resolve issue.
im a currently running a win 2008 standard install now.  however this time I have deleted the partition and re-formatted for a new install but as below describes I did not initially.


the only thing I can think of is I was already running windows 2008 standard but due to losing my logon credentials and my dsrm logons, I was forced to re-install, but I did not delete partition, I just re-installed over the top of win 2008 standard with enterprise, so I am not sure if that was the cause of the problem as I also gave the server a different ip address, but used the same domain name.
I have completed my win 2008 standard install currently without any windows updates.

- network discovery is set to on

I have added the static ip -  & can ping successfully but still 'unidentified' it states on the nic

I have also installed 'dns', but it keeps prompting that it wishes to allocate a 'dynamic' address but I have a 'static' set, but when I click 'static', it cannot continue and prompts the same 'dynamic'...!!!

ive never seen this before, as I should get a nic card as showing as up even when plugged into a hub.
im thinking it must be some 'dell poweredge 1950' drivers I require.
ive connected my dell to my virgin hub and the nic changes from 'unidentified to enabled' and when I click to update nic drivers it states it has the most upto date.

I cannot run dcrpromo as my nic always states: 'unidentified'.
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resolved issue myself.