Enabling/Disabling a NIC via the Scheduler

On one of our SBS 2011 Servers we'd like to be able to enable/disable a particular NIC for specific periods.
Is this possible and if so how?

Many thanks.
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DeadmanIT ConsultantCommented:
Use the scheduled task manager to execute a devcon command at the required times to enable / disable the network card.

It can be done using scheduled task manager, by executing a batch file ( created by you & in which you execute the devcon command to turn NIC off / on ) at a schedule dictated by yourself. Set the schedule to be executed under an admin account.

Devcon is not installed by default, and it must be installed prior to use.
David AtkinTechnical DirectorCommented:
SBS2011 only supports one NIC.  Enabling more than one will cause you issues.

What are you trying to do?  There maybe another way.
edhastedAuthor Commented:
I never realised that SBS only supported one NIC. When I have spoken to Microsoft and HP about odd behaviour in the past when trying to configure more than one NICs and they  never mentioned this. Am using several SBS with iSCSI that are using additional NICs.

Will play with the devcon. Many thanks to you both.
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David AtkinTechnical DirectorCommented:
You can install multiple NICs but it will cause you issues with the SBS Console wizards among other things.

Have a read here for more info:
edhastedAuthor Commented:
Thanks - this is definitely the case with 2011 Essentials but also for SBS 2011 Standard?
edhastedAuthor Commented:
Many thanks
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