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BES 5.0.4 BAS-AS.exe and BAS-NCC.exe not starting

CHI-LTD asked
the services.  im guessing a java issue.  i've uninstalled java, and tried to reinstall 5.0.4 but the installer knows v5 is installed and fails.

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Server Administrator
Did this happen after an update with a SP or MP? If so, check the properties of the service for the path of the .exe for the services. Then, check that path to see if the files are in the right place. I had a similar issue one time and for some reason during the cleanup, it would move the .exe to another location. I worked with support and had to do a full uninstall and reinstall.


i think either, silverlight, windows update, java.
was well nad truely knackered, in the process of restoreing as backup and rebuilding it
Rodney BarnhardtServer Administrator

If you are running in a virtual environment and you have the resources, I would configure it as HA. This enabled me to fail all of the users over to the other server while I worked out the issues with the primary. There is not additional licensing charges, and it can be very useful.


ended up restoring from a backup and then having to uninstall and reinstall the software again..