Bring RFID output to mysql

I want to know how I can read RFID tags and import their information to a MySQL database.
The purpose is that students check in their tag when they drink something and The value of their tag goes +1 in a MySQL database
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That is mostly up to to the RFID reader. When you say that students check in their tag, I'm making an assumption that the tag itself is some kind of fob or RFID card?

There aren't many specifics here, so here's how the general flow goes:

1. You acquire an RFID reader

2. The RFID reader is hooked into a computer that has a network connection which allows it access to the MySQL database (or maybe it hosts the database and isn't network-connected, but that means a manual pull of the database from time to time).

3. The computer runs an application that has an interface to the RFID reader and is running all the time, listening for an event that indicates that the reader has read some kind of fob or proximity card.

4. Once the system is configured, fobs/cards are purchased, typically pre-manufactured with IDs (you sometimes get to specify a site ID, but the manufacturer will take care of programming the cards with the IDs before they ship them to you), and the cards/fobs are distributed to the users (students, in this case).

5. A student swipes his card/fob against the reader.

6. The reader indicates success or failure, and on success, fires an event to the listening application (from #3).

7. The application receives the event, which contains the ID from the card / fob that was read, along with some other contextual information (e.g. reader ID in case there are multiple ones, etc).

8. The application makes a connection to the database if it doesn't have one already and sends an update/insert query.

Because of this overall model, PHP isn't usually the best choice for this kind of thing. Typically, RFID readers tend to be Microsoft-friendly (they provide Windows drivers, etc), which makes it better suited for a .NET application to do the listening and to send the query to the database.
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