Why does excel 2013 keep crashing?

Hi all,

Before i start, I'd like to thank in advance any help given and will be greatly appreciated. We have a user running a 64 bit version of windows 7. I have installed the 32 bit version of office 2013. We cannot use 64 bit for office due to a business critical add in that will only run on 32 bit office. For some time all of his office was crashing. It came out that a bottleneck effect was happening to the ethernet port we had him plugging into. Pretty much since we have set this new computer up for this user, his excel will randomly crash. I have attached the report.wer file for the excel crash. All his crash's are similar. At first I thought it was his dragon naturally speaking conflicting with excel dictation but it does not seem to be the case. I have yet to try uninstalling dragon to test but will do so soon. So far i have disabled all add in's to excel, ran safe mode for excel and for windows. Short of uninstalling and/or doing a repair i have tried everything for this users excel. In each crash report, his excel seems to point to the mso.dll being the fault. Any suggestions on how to fix this and/or possibly replacing this file? We cannot uninstall his office due to the highly customized settings he has with his office or delete his user profile for this reason. He does have his hotmail account (connected services) linked to his office, which i read can be an issue. Any help is appreciated.
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
office was crashing. It came out that a bottleneck effect was happening to the Ethernet port

So a hardware issue caused crashing and that very well could have corrupted things.

We cannot uninstall his office ... or delete his user profile for this reason

Set up a new, test Windows User Account (User Profile) and try Excel in the new Profile. If this works, it may be a Profile problem and you may need to re-create to fix. There is no magic wand you can wave.

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I have the same issue with Excel 2010 and it is now happening on 3 computers. I am still trying to resolve the issue. I thought that Microsoft was intentionally making 2010 crash so I would upgrade. Sorry to not offer any help.
bmoulouaAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the response John. I have tried it on my domain admin account, standard user account and a test account i set up for this very case. I cannot recreate the issue he is having or do not believe I have seen any errors. I do know the user has a macro he uses that performs some task. I have read that having connected services can cause issues with office crashing. Any suggestions?
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
If the user profile is damaged (and this looks to be the case), re-creating it is the only solution I know of. I encourage users not to customize heavily for this reason.
bmoulouaAuthor Commented:
bdpcpa, our user was using excel 2010 on an older computer before but had no issues at all. Due to a corrupted mail profile, i had to delete his user profile to get it working. If the user had no highly customized settings, this wouldn't have been an issue, however because he did it became an issue in recreating his profile. As we do not save local profiles, he needed to start from scratch. So we set him up on a new computer with office 2013 so he can take advantage of the multiple screen spreadsheets and other stuff. Only this user is experiencing these problems but because he has so many other stuff on it that other users dont, its hard to say what it is. good luck with your problem , im sure like our problem, its something simple.
Duy PhamFreelance IT ConsultantCommented:
Beside John's suggestion. Maybe you should also check the Add-ins installed with Excel on the machine that has problem. We got problem with Send-to-Bluetooth Add-in with not just Excel but also Word and other Office applications, and disabling that Add-in did help.

Sometime, problem could be related to default template loaded on the startup if that template is network path such as \\COMPANY-SERVER\COMPANY-TEMPLATES\EXCEL\Default.xlt.

Hope it helps.
bmoulouaAuthor Commented:

Thank you for the response. I have disabled all add ins but will try the template also. I did notice a template was in each crash report so that could cause it as well.
Martin LissOlder than dirtCommented:
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