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Recover files from Temp User Profile

Hello all,

I recently moved all of a Users files into a Temp User profile created by windows 7. After a reboot the Temp User profile disappeared. I tried a system restore to about 10 minutes before, in which the Temp folder reappeared. However, It does not have any of the files. It seemed to have deleted them. Iv'e tried various File recover programs and they do not seem to find any files. Is there a certain location where these files could have been stored? Is there any way to recover these files??
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The temp user profile in Windows is created when the profile that you are trying to boot to, cannot compete the boot for some reason only known to MS.  Sometimes when this happens, you can just restart and get back to the original user profile.  In most cases there are registry entries that allow you to rename the keys and get back to the user profile you need and it will boot into the correct one.  Why you would move users into a Temp profile is beyond me as when the original profile boots, the temp one is deleted by the system.  - That's I believe is what's happening here.

You may be able to restore the system to a point in time before you moved everything.
The system restore you ran restored to the time the temp profile was created, and at that time it obviously was still empty as you hadn't copied anything to it yet.

When you use recovery software, you must run that from another PC to which you attach the disk you want to recover from, so that nothing gets written to that disk. Windows always writes to it's disks and so overwrites places on which deleted files were previously, so the chance of recovery gets lower and lower with every minute of usage.

The best such tool is getdataback. You use it to scan the disk, and when it sees the files you need, you register it so you can copy the data off.

Besides that, you have backups of user data, so it would be simpler and cheaper just to restore the needed files from the backups.
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Stumped  - seems like all the files are gone