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I recently purchased a new siem, I just realized that it don't do any sort of network monitoring, for instance I have a product that will ping a server or router, etc every 5 minutes and email me if it goes down and it will also monitor cpu, storage and memory on servers.  Does anyone know of any freeware products that will accomplish this?
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Zephyr ICTCloud ArchitectCommented:
There's quite a few of these monitoring tools out there, it's just what you feel comfortable using, can it be Open Source and using Linux or does it need to be something running on Windows only?

What do you want to monitor, the things you mention are already monitored you say, or are these you want to monitor?

Thanks for clarifying.

I'll give some freeware/Open-Source monitoring tools to start with:
Schuyler DorseyCommented:
PRTG has some good functionality. It is free for up to a certain number of monitors. The paid version up to 100 monitors is only like $500 I think.
bsjj2727Author Commented:
I'm looking for something that can tell me if something that is pingable is down.  Also something that will alert if say a processor is spiked for more than a few minutes or memory is pegged etc.
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Schuyler DorseyCommented:
PRTG does this. So does Spiceworks I believe.
bsjj2727Author Commented:
I have never tried PRTG, I'll have to take a look, Spiceworks is pretty terrible
btanExec ConsultantCommented:
PRTG is not bad especially if you are talking on the no of sensor type to be supported. Other include
a) Zenoss Core - It has event triggers and notifications (e.g. create notifications to send email or pages, create SNMP traps, or execute arbitrary commands in response to an event), also see the "Notify Me of Important Events" that can be rule-driven
> main :
> trigger:
> "" :

b) Nagios - commonly known for its Nagois Core (vs Nagois XI - commercial) but free version can be manual and effort required . However the scripting provided will proved flexibility and can customise as required
>main solution directory:
> Core:
>agent or agentless monitoring:
>comparison btw XI and Core: (pdf)

c) Zabbix - as in all other, it also drill (if needed) into provides IPMI access for h/w monitoring, and can run IPMI commands to turn on or off devices over the network. Likewise, it supports SNMP agents, present in all network devices like routers and switches. OVerall,it can also augment to send notification messages via e-mail, SMS or Jabber (XMPP protocol) for each notable event. Typical workflow in broad is like sending notifications, allowing acknowledgement of information received, escalation of information to other people, and ability to take actions.
> monitoring:
> Pro-active monitoring:
Michael RojekDigital Marketing and WebDevCommented:
NetCrunch 8 is a solid option if you're looking for an all-in-one solution. It's agentless, has an embedded SQL database, and will monitor most of your devices out of the box with the included monitoring packs and MIB database. If something is not already stored, there's also a built-in MIB compiler. It's not free, but it's a price leader and should pay for itself quickly in time saved. Otherwise, Nagios is the go-to free option, it'll just take you a bit of time to configure,
Kamran ArshadIT AssociateCommented:

There are plenty of SNMP based options available. I recommend starting with something basic. Below are some options;

CA      Propriety
Smarts      Propriety
EM7      Propriety
SolarWinds Orion      Propriety
WhatsupGold      Propriety
Observer      Propriety
Cola Soft Capsa      Propriety
Adventnet OP Manager      Propriety
Nexus NMS      Propriety
Overseer      Propriety
StableNet Suite      Propriety
NetXplorer      Propriety
IT Monitor Enterprise      Propriety
Automated Infrastructure Technology      Propriety
loriotpro SNMP Manager      Propriety
zenithinfotec      Propriety
SNMPc      Propriety
InterMapper      Propriety
NetMRI      Propriety
Netvoyant      Propriety
ServerAlive      Propriety
AdRem NetCrunch 5.1      Propriety
NetXMS      Propriety
CommView      Propriety
AirMagnet      Propriety
MonitorMagic      Propriety

Ntop      LAMP based NMS
Munin      LAMP based NMS
Bandwidthd      LAMP based NMS
ZenOSS      LAMP based NMS
Nagios      LAMP based NMS
JFFNMS      LAMP based NMS
OpenNMS      LAMP based NMS
Zabbix      LAMP based NMS
Hyperic HQ      LAMP based NMS
Etherape      LAMP based NMS
GroundWork      LAMP based NMS
NAV      LAMP based NMS
Netdisco      LAMP based NMS
MRTG      RRDTool
Cacti      RRDTool

Start with something basic as NTOP or cacti

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Michael RojekDigital Marketing and WebDevCommented:
Not sure how up to date this is? NetCrunch is listed as 5.1, but it's on 8.4.
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btanExec ConsultantCommented:
apparently, the author accepted only one solution ?
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