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Saving a batch file as text and opening to read its contents


 I  renamed a batch file as text (I can view the file extensions so for sure its called blah.exe.txt). Then I R-Click and Edit. But the contents are all garbled and not in human readable format. How can I get to read the contents of my batch file?

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Well, if it's called "blah.exe.txt", then the file underneath is not batch file, but an exe file, and exe files come in binary form.
If it's a "compiled" batch file, you'll need to check if the compiler offers an option to decompile.
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Thank you.

Ok so I did rename it to blah.txt , and did the same R-Click and Edit, but that didnt do the trick.

How can I check if its a compiled batch file as opposed to'non-compiled'? And where can I get hold of the compiler and check its option? The author is not around anymore.
Can you post the blah.exe.txt file here, so we can analyze it?

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Start wordpad, try opening the file with that. Is it readable now?

If not, can you post a screenshot of the opened file in wordpad or notepad?