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Updating Vcenter 5.5 0b to 2b

Hi, i'm planning to do the above update, i have cloned my Vcenter to test the update, removed the clone from network to avoid conflict. SSO and Inventory Services succesfully updated but when trying to update Vcenter i get asked to enter DB login credentials which i do, it then show screen to click install, when i click on install it fails with no error message just saying installation failed.
Any obvious i'm missing? does removing the vm from network could cause Vcenter install to fail?
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did the cloned VM had access to Database?
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Could you explain removed the clone from the network ?

The update should complete with no issues,

Can you check the installation logs ?


Hi Andrew, i have removed the clone nic so as not to create a conflict if turned on, for some reasons my colleague can access DB on he same machine using is credentials but i can't access DB from studio under my profile


It appears an issue with my account as colleague been able to run without issue, i will update with final resolution, many thanks all.