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SQL Server 2014 ports


I'm installing SQL Server 2014 on Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise.

When at the "Install Rules" part of Setup, it warns on Windows Firewall. (see attachment)

Which ports do I open? I don't see a straight forward answer to this anywhere, only pages of "what if" and different scripts.

I've tried opening 1433 & 1434, but the warning remains.

Many thanks.
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The warning will continue to remain as long as the SQL Server sits behind a firewall (which is the recommended practice). SQL Server can run (and typically runs) on a non-standard port (i.e. something other than 1433 and 1434). Hence the warning simply tells the team installing SQL Server to ensure that the appropriate ports are kept open for external traffic to be able to communicate with the server on those ports.


Hi Nakul.

So, these posts can actually be almost whatever I want? i.e I can change them after the installatation, if needed?
AneeshDatabase Consultant
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>So, these posts can actually be almost whatever I want?
I would suggest ports other than 1433 and 1434.  and you can  change them thru SQL Server configuration manager
Absolutely. The ports can be changed after the install (Refer: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms177440.aspx)


OK. Thank you guys.