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Ipad vs Tablet

I just wondered what the following info is for the Ipad Air 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 ?

Lets assume I select a 128GB Ipad Air 2, what is the RAM in this model ? Does it have MicroSD slots ?

As for the Samsung I think this comes as 16GB, what is the RAM and does it have MicroSD for storage upgrade ?
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Product Manager
Lets assume I select a 128GB Ipad Air 2, what is the RAM in this model ?

2GB. Samsung has 3GB

Does it have MicroSD slots ?
iPad 2 Air does not, Samsung does.

Samsung is available in 16GB and 32GB storage.

See http://www.gizmag.com/galaxy-tab-s-vs-ipad-air-2/34519/ for more
Michael FowlerSolutions Consultant
Personally I would look at the Galaxy Note 2014 10.1. While it has a slightly smaller screen it makes up for this is processing power and resolution and so is a better comparison to the iPad Air.

For me, at the end of the day it comes down the ecosystems. Apple is easier to use, has more apps and has a very wide selection a additional devices such as docks, speakers etc while on the other hand android gives you more control, often has  support for SD cards and does not lock you into iTunes


That's a good point. I like Android, and it has always served me well, I like the SD card support it has as well. Also,  there are certain apps that you can download for Android you can't for the ipad !
Michael FowlerSolutions Consultant
Which is why I own the Galaxy Note 2014 10.1

I really like this tablet and am happy to recommend it.

On the other hand for my Mother I got her the iPad as the Android was too complex for her and a single standardised ecosystem was far easier for her to understand and use.