Outlook 2013 has other email accounts associated with it that cannot be deleted

1. Unable to delete other email accounts
2. See screenshot attached.
3. There are no other emails that can be removed under "Account Settings"
Please advice.
Francis MichaelIT ManagerAsked:
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Francis MichaelIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Got the issue resolved.  In o365, the user had full permissions of the other email accounts.  When that was removed, Outlook was restarted and all the "other" emails went away.  Thank you for looking into this matter.  Consider case as closed.
Can you try Right Clicking the name. See if you get the option to Remove From View..
Francis MichaelIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Here are the options available when I right click:
1. open in new window
2. open file location
3. close "user"
4. Show in Favorites
5. Sort subfolder A to Z
6. Folder Permissions (greyed out)
7. Data File Properties.
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
either in control panel | mail OR
in outlook file|account settings | account settings

click on the account and select remove

if these are shared mailboxes outlook main screen on the left panel go to the account and select close
Vasil Michev (MVP)Commented:
Those accounts might have been Automapped - you need to remove the Full Access permissions or reapply them without Automapping.
Francis MichaelIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
a). I am not able to remove the "other" emails from account settings because they do not appear.  
b). When I try to close any of the other accounts, I get an error message.  I have 3 screenshots for your investigation.
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