rpc over http not working, webmail works fine

It was working and now it stop working. All it does is prompt for username/pw.

Webmail works fine and shows the correct certificate, mobile devices and outlook is not working. All it does is prompt for username/pw.
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Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
Version of Exchange?
What version of Windows are your domain controllers?

There is a problem update for Windows 2003 which was released last week that will cause authentication prompts - KB3002657. If you have that update installed on Windows 2003 DCs, remove it and reboot.

Otherwise, you need to provide full version information.

andon2014Author Commented:
2003 dc and 2008 server with exchnage 2010.
I'm removing that kb right now.
David Paris VicenteSystems and Comunications  Administrator Commented:
Hi andon2014 ,

Did you check if all the Exchange Services are running?
If it's everything running restart this service,
Microsoft Exchange RPC Client Access Service

If I were you I also lookup for events and also if is everything ok with IIS.

Besides that we need more intel, such as;
Exchange virtual directories with the Internal url and external url.
AutoDiscover info obtained by using Outlook, Right click in the task tray Outlook Icon, test email configuration.

Let us know,

andon2014Author Commented:
Email was down for a whole day and didn't realize about that update.....

I'm finish verifying , but seems to be working again.
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