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Renewing Web Server Certificate SBS 20011

Daniel Bertolone
Daniel Bertolone asked
I have an SBS 2011 server that’s web server certificate is due to expire shortly. I ran the "fix my network" wizard which identifies that the certificate is due to expire and allows me to resolve the issue however upon viewing the certificates properties it still shows the old expiry date.

I have restarted the server and run both the "fix my network & connect to the internet" wizards but the expiry date remains the same.
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I am not sure about SBS 2011, but in the IIS side, there is an option, on the right side usually, called bindings.  in here you need to make sure the certificate, even after it is loaded, is 'bound' to the correct website and port.  Let me see if I can get a pic, it is a little clearer...

This is for a 2008 server setup.  I cant say for fact, but it has been my experience that you change the bindings on one web, and it effects the whole server.  in the drop down you can view the certificates, and pick the right one.
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who issued the certificate?  if not self-signed you have to renew the certificate from the certificate authority that signed the certificate
David AtkinTechnical Director
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I would do one of the following:

1) Wait until the certificate has expired, re-run the Fix My Network Wizard and see if it resolves (It probably will - I've not had an issue yet).

2) Re-run the Add a Trusted Certificate wizard> Chose one already installed (self signed)> See if you get an option to select the latest certificate generated.

3) Purchase a Trusted third party certificate and use this as an opportunity to install this certificate via the Add a Trusted Certificate Wizard. They can be purchased reasonably cheap.

Personally for the price of a trusted cert I would go for this option

Managing Director
If you are using the self cert option and not a third party cert

Use the add trusted certificate wizard
Select use existing certificate on this server option
You should get a list of certificates with their expiry dates

Select the newly generated one
And you should be good


Thanks CPM, that sorted it. You would have thought running the wizard which identified the issue would have reissued the cert
cpmcomputersManaging Director

My thoughts too
Glad you got it sorted