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Help with a query to pull data from within a string

I have an imported table that has 1 data field ('name') with the following records
American Stairs (AMS)
CherryWood (CHW)
DoRay Furnishings (DRN)

In a query, I need to separate the 3 character designation out from between the parenthesis... how can I do that in a query please?

The parenthesis always start 1 space after the name, and the designation is always three characters long (i.e. AMS, CHW)

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I think this should do it but cannot test at the moment.

SELECT Mid(name, Instring(name, "(") + 1, Instring(name, ")") + 1)

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You may be better to just get the name from the database and then extract the 3 character designation
this will handle more than 3 letters in the parentheses

select Trim (Replace(Replace(Mid([Name], InStr([Name], "(")), "(", ""), ")", ""))
from tablex
And a second look at mine and realised it will not work, should have been

SELECT Mid(name, Instring(name, "(") + 1, 3)

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And the minimum code:

NME: Left(Right([FieldName],4),3)

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thanks to all, but this was first and all I needed