ColdFution Argument question


1) Would anyone explain what arguments  in (arguments.account) means and how to use it?
2) How do variables are passed from a page to anothe in ColdFusion?

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Coldfusion has different "scopes" which is the name before the period in the variable name.  Form.account or url.account or arguments.account.   Those are all different scopes in Coldfusion.   Each one represents where the variable comes from.  URL.account means the variable  account=bob was passed on the URL.   And FORM.account means that an input tag named account was submitted in a form post.   Arguments scope is used in a function.  It is the value passed into a function.   So if you called function   helloworld('bob')    then inside the function helloworld you would use  arguments.account to reference the variable passed to the function.

Pages...  it's a little unclear what you are asking.   There are no coldfusion variable on the web page because Coldfusion is server side.   Once the page is drawn to the browser, no variables exist.   So it is not coldfusion passing values to coldfusion once the page is drawn.      If you can give an example or some code, I can help clarify.
Rad1Author Commented:
Where does account come from in the helloworld('bob') ?

So if you called function   helloworld('bob')    then inside the function helloworld you would use  arguments.account to reference the variable passed to the function.
Right, I kind of skipped that.

When defining your function, the lines under the function name declare the arguments using <cfargument...>

In this case, the argument's name is Course_Number so calling getDescription(123) would assign 123 to argument.course_number

<cffunction name="getDescription">
    <cfargument name="Course_Number" type="numeric" required="true">

    <!--- Use the argument to get a course description from the database. --->
    <cfquery name="Description" datasource="cfdocexamples">
        SELECT Descript
        FROM Courses
        WHERE Number = '#Course_Number#'
    <!--- Specify the variable that the function returns. --->
    <cfreturn Description.Descript>

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Rad1Author Commented:
Thank you!
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