Some users not get the mail sent to a Query Based distribution Group in exchange 2010

getting strange behaviour...

We have an Query Based Distribution Group in Exchange 2003 and in migrationg phase of exchange 2010, now we are getting some complain from users that they are getting the mails being sent to this Query Based Distribution Group....

Sharing some points , which can help in understaning the issue in deep,

Sender  Mailbox  on Exchange 2010
Issue Reported users mailbox on Exchange 2010
Issue Reported users appering in Preview Result of QBDG
QBDG Display Name: AU-AUSTRALIA Staff
Alias Name : AU-AUSTRALIA Staff

Mishri Nishad
test testtestAsked:
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download WMI tester from below link and evaluate if above WMI query resolves to true

Also below EE article will help you to address actual problem
On what AD attribute filter query based distribution group is?

If any user matches that condition, he will receive mails sent to that group
test testtestAuthor Commented:
LDAP Query filter, but issue is that not all users receive the mail , some users  missed or didn't get that mail even they are there in LDAP query filter result.
Has the group migrated to Exchange 2010?

On which attribute you are filtering DDL?
test testtestAuthor Commented:
No till now ,it is not migrated, actually we are not getting  steps that how can we migrate on exchange server 2010 even not article on this how to migrate DDG to Exchange 2010

let me share the query....

(&(&(!cn=SystemMailbox{*})(&(&(&(& (mailnickname=*) (|(&(objectCategory=person)(objectClass=user)(|(homeMDB=*)(msExchHomeServerName=*))) )))(objectCategory=user)(co=Australia)(employeeID=*)(!department=Board Members)))))
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