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I am able to create the package and to save it in a specific folder with VS 2008. However when I try to launch the SSISDelpoymentmanifest the Deployment Wizard doesn't launch and windows is asking for the file extension?  Meaning that I can't deploy my package to SQL Server 2008 R2.
Do I need to re-install or repair SQL server ?
I try to run dtsInstall.exe but I got an error message:  you need to specify the full path of a SSIS deployment manifest file

I absolutely need to deploy my package on the production server within tomorrow, I need a step by step explanation how to solve the issue..

Thanks in advance.
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Brendt HessSenior DBACommented:
I see two possible issues with relatively simple solutions:

1. Path or File Relationship errors

Your symptoms seem to indicate that in one case (where it asks about the file extension), the extension .SSISDelpoymentmanifest is not associated with the DTSInstall.exe application. Adding the association is relatively easy - go to, and search for

how to associate a file type with a program

The top entry should give you all the information you need to do this.  If this is the issue, after making the association, double-click the manifest file again, and the Deployment Wizard should appear.

2. Version Mismatches

The other case is more obscure. It could be that the DTSInstall.exe application is not found on the windows path, in which case you may need to edit the path.  Or, it may be that you are working with different versions of SQL Server. The File extension and the DTSInstall application both have the same name across versions.  If you open a command shell and enter:

C:\> where DTSInstall.exe

You should get a list of locations on the path where DTSInstall.exe exists.  In theory, any copy could be running. Use this to both check if you may be running an old version (e.g. SQL2005), or to see if the application is on your path at all.

Hopefully, one of these possibilities will help.
pascalmartinAuthor Commented:
I solved the issue yesterday :
On open with I found the path to the dtsinstall.exe and click on it.
 It automatically associate the deployment manifest to the dtsinstall and opened the wizard.
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