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vmware - Migrating away from locally attached storage to SAN?

CHI-LTD asked
Its looking like we will have to go this route due to performance, storage and availability requirements.

Existing overview:

We have 2x sites with servers/data, (HQ and DR).
HQ is running 2x HP proliant dl 380 g7 servers with 3tb of data, running c6-8 vms.  We backup to NAS and replicate between the hosts using acronis.  We are also still using tape for exchange.
DR is running a single host with live VMs ready to go in the event of a disaster.  We replicate databases and documents here.


To install a new HP server at site DR, with more ram, storage etc and move the VMs from the old host to new.
Pull the old server and install it at HQ.  
Install new SAN, iSCSI i expect, HP or Dell i guess (not looked into is much)
Upgrade the vmware licensing from essentials to standard/enterprise and replace acronis with veeam.
Use the old server from DR and hook up to new SAN at HQ, migrate the VMs across from 2x servers to SAN,
Use the 2x old servers as additional hosts and deploy HA, FT, vmotion...

Thoughts, easy?
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Yes, fairly straightforward and standard.

Make sure you size you SAN correctly, and test before deployment, and get Veeam installed correctly, and test before deployment.

You've will have a lot of work ahead, with new SAN, configuration iSCSI, new networks, new networks for vMotion, iSCSI etc

Decide on networking 1Gbe or 10Gbe, and whether you will use vLANS, or physical networks, you will need lots of nics in the hosts, if you follow best practice.


2 for Management Network
2 for iSCSI
2 for vMotion
2 fot FT

and some for VMs!


Wow - re nics...  Would you buy additional NICs or spec up new servers?

planned to use the existing network, which is fairly simple, so HP poe 2910al with voice and data vlans.

how best to move the VMs?  Turn off, download from local store to NAS and upload to SAN?
Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE Fellow)VMware and Virtualization Consultant
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Additional nics for HP Servers are cheap as chips! But you also may want to look, at how much longer you have a warranty on those G7s!

Remember Best Practice, dedicated networks for vMotion and Storage!

If you have vCenter Server and Enterprise Licensing, no need to turn off....

Right Click VM --> Migrate (Storage vMotion)