Accessing HP Storageworks SAN Array 1000 Directly

I have two old HP Proliant ML530's that were connected to an HP StorageWorks Modular SAN Array 1000.

In the past two days, both ML530's have failed.  I need to get into the array to copy data from two existing logical drives.  
Is there any way to connect directly to without having a server setup with the ACA utility and drivers?    All of my other servers are virtual and running 2008 R2.

Thank you
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I guess backups are not available?
I take it they were Windows 2003??
You could try putting Windows 2003 on a computer if you have a fibre card that works in that computer to connect to the SAN.
Are the cards PCI or what?
Need more info for others to help.
kstahlAuthor Commented:
Have backup that is 3 days old.  Trying to get the recent data from yesterday.

Windows 2003.
PCI Cards.  

I was assuming that setting up a new physical 2003 server was probably the only solution
Was hoping for another direct way just enough to copy the data off.
It must be read as an array as far as I know, that said kinda hard to do it any other way.
Hopefully someone will have a better idea.  :}
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If it's old firmware on the MSA you can take the disks out and read them on a Smart Array controller (the reverse of MSA1000 DtS (Direct-to-SAN) migration) but that  compatibility was removed quite a while ago. I wouldn't risk it without a backup, far safer to get another server with FC HBA in it.
kstahlAuthor Commented:
I setup a new 2003 server, moved the fiber card, installed the HP ACU Utility and am able to get to everything.  Thank you!
Wish it were that simple all the time.  Good to hear
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