Wake on LAN from external using magic packets on Untangle firewall

I need to send magic packets from external to a particular MAC Address in my LAN, but untangle is not configured to allow this. Is it possible to do this? How? The external device from which I'm sending magic packets is not VPN connected to untangle.

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Gerwin Jansen, EE MVETopic Advisor Commented:
There are a few things you would need to try this:
- The IP address that your firewal can be reached from internet
- MAC address of your PC
- Find UDP port number that your WOL tool is using (which tool is it?)
- Create a rule on your firewall that forwards UDP packets to the broadcast address where you PC is in

Let's say your PC has an IP address of then you would send the packet to
Kamran ArshadIT AssociateCommented:

How will the external device reach your network without any VPN?
fvppAuthor Commented:
Infact, I think it is impossible. If so, if the external device is VPN connected, does untangle permit magic packets to pass through?
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