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I have a group policy setup that edits the information in Internet Explorer to point to a proxy server.  The proxy server is McAfee Web Filter.  All internet requests on the clients go through this first.  Here is the problem.  When I setup a brand new computer on the domain it never add this group policy item.  Even when I log off it won't work.  I have also done gpedit and that will not do it either.  Not sure what I need to do to get this done.  This is on a win 2008 R2
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Radhakrishnan RSenior Technical LeadCommented:

Have you added the proxy server details in "Default domain policy"? User Configuration>>Windows settings>>Internet Explorer Maintenance>>Connection>>Proxy settings? or you have created a new GPO and set the proxy? if so, have you linked the new GPO to the appropriate OU? (where the users located).

Another option is run a rsop.msc or gpresult logging mode and see any policy is overriding it?
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