Network testing tool for session quality and UDP

I am looking for a good way to test branch office connections to see how well they will support UDP traffic such as voice, video, and remote desktop.
I know the best solution is MPLS or something with QoS, but in some cases it just doesn't make sense and I want to know the quality of the existing internet connection.
Of course i can run a few traceroutes to see the # of hops, and leave a constant ping running in a DOS window, but I'm wondering if there is a better tool out there which can leave some type of test running for a few minutes (maybe 10-60) and at the end of it all, show me a report with packet loss, jitter, latency average/max/min, etc to our main network.

any ideas would be appreciated.

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Kamran ArshadIT AssociateCommented:

Some of the nice testing tools are;

Iperf      Open-Source
ttcp      Open-Source
Netperf      Open-Source
NetQoS      Propriety
Qcheck      Propriety
IxChariot      Propriety
SpeedTest      Propriety
simplenetsoftware      Propriety
Bandwidth Meter      Propriety

Personal recommendation is using IPerf or QCheck. A nice IPerf Manual is;
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