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How do I get rid of the many DNS entries on our office server

skenny10 asked
When I run the IPconfig /all command on our office 2012 r2 server, I am receiving a large number of DNS servers in the list. Instead of the responce just listing the IP address of the server itself ( and and then letting the forwarder on this server take over, I also see the following DNS servers in the list.

How do I remove all of these entries?

Thanks for your assistance.

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Top Expert 2014
Go to the properties of your NIC > then the TCP/IP v4 properties > advanced > DNS tab.  Remove all DNS servers except your internal ones.  I can't imagine why someone would add all of these.
skenny10IT Manager


Thanks very much.
Natty GregIn Theory (IT)

they are added for redundancy, they are all free and public dns , comdo, opendns, norton dns and dns advantage
Top Expert 2014

It's fine to have them as forwarders in the DNS config, but they should never be used on the NIC configuration of a domain machine.