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Trash Can on iMac keeps pilling up.

I have a iMac with 2 GB RAM and 250 GB HD(over 100GB free).
I emptyed Trash can with over 4000 items and restarted the computer.
When I logged back in, I see thousands items in the Trash Can.
What is the causing Trash can fill up with the items even after emptying it.

2 Solutions
Try this:

Open Terminal (found in /Applications/Utilities)

Copy and paste the following line into the terminal window:

sudo rm -rf ~/.Trash

Hit Return

You will be asked for you admin password. Enter it and hit return.

Restart your Mac.
bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
better have a screenshot to show what are the things in the bin. are they the things intact as you cleaned them up, or something newly deleted by the OS itself?
Yes. Please make sure that you really want to delete what is in the trash.
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Also, do you have more than one drive attached to the computer? Each drive has a separate trash. So, for instance, if you ejected an thumb drive or external drive before emptying the trash, you would be emptying the trash only of the internal drive. When you rebooted, and remounted the external drive(s), whatever was in the trash on the externals would reappear.
sgleeAuthor Commented:

In the trash can, there are recovered files.
I'm emptying it and about 500 files left.
I will restart the computer after everything is gone.

If you use strung's command, you may have to remake the .Trash folder.
mkdir ~/.trash

It's generally better to remove the items within trash rather than the entire trash folder.
rm -rf ~/.Trash/* ~/.Trash/.??*

or just
rm -rf ~/.Trash/{*,.??*}

You'll only need sudo if you're deleting stuff that's owned by another user.  That mainly happens when you delete items from the /Applications folder that was installed by another user's account.

The external drives have their own Trash folders, usually with a numbered folder for each user or mac that connect to or use the drive.  You may want to be sure first of the folder you wish to delete.  You must use sudo for this.

sudo ls -l /Volumes/External_Drive_Name/.Trashes/
sudo ls -l /Volumes/External_Drive_Name/.Trashes/########   (Replace the ######## with the trash folder number)

sudo rm -rf /Volumes/External_Drive_Name/.Trashes/########/{*,.??*}

You can also delete everyone's folders
sudo rm -rf /Volumes/External_Drive_Name/.Trashes/*
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