.net application on development pc is causing issues

Currently working on an old, windows application, developed in Visual Studio 2003 and upgraded to Visual Studio 2012.

The upgrade was rolled out last year and the users have asked for more functions, so we are adding them now.

Previously, I could open the version the users currently have on my development machine and see what they are using.  Now (and not sure what the difference is), the version that is installed for the users is erroring on my machine and asking for a parameter that we are adding in the version we are working on????

I've checked the installation config file and it's pointing to the correct database. I've made sure any reference to the database does not exist in the stored procedures.

Does anyone know how the development version and the installed version are getting mixed up????

Thank you,
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the GAC maybe? Any assemblies in gac?
ste5anSenior DeveloperCommented:
You need for this use-case your own machine, either physical or a VM.
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