how to I identify datafiles in ASM that aren't a part of the database and remove them

Commands were issued to drop tablespaces. However, the including contents etc was not a part of the statement. It was intentionally done to prevent dropping datafiles that contain data. Now the datafiles need to be removed. This doesn't appear to be a common issue. Does anyone know how I can identify and remove the files? We are using ASM. I can see 2 files that are associated with dropped tablespaces. However, understandably I can't see the datafiles by querying the database. It is unclear how I can query within asm to find the datafiles. Is there a script out there that can somehow query and get a list of files with no associated tablespace and remove them?
sikyalaSenior Database AdministratorAsked:
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1) Extract file names using a script similar to this:
# -- Set asm environment
. /usr/local/bin/oraenv "$sid"
# -- list asm files
asmcmd <<!EOASM >asm_files.txt
# -- Set db environment
. /usr/local/bin/oraenv "$sid"
# -- list all database files:
sqlplus -s /nolog <<!EOSQL >db_files.txt
conn / as sysdba
select name from v\$datafile;

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2) Load the resulting files into excel spreadsheet, normalize and compare file names.
3) Good luck!
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