Wrong External IP Address

I don't think this is a huge deal, however it's a bit perplexing. We have a user who, when visiting whatsmyip.com, gets an IP address that is within our IP block, but not the correct external facing IP address that they should.

So, our external facing IP address is X.X.X.2, however they receive X.X.X.26. Nothing has changed within the firewall, and when the same site is visited from another machine the correct IP address is given.

Any ideas?
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Please check the NAT settings for that particular IP. It may have the other IP configured for it's external face.
Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information SystemsCommented:
He may have a different default gateway?  Or NAT may be misconfigured for his IP.
Jonathan BriteSystem AdminCommented:
is he plugging into a VOIP phone by any chance?
FMCA-ITAuthor Commented:
After pouring through the firewall, I found that the internal IP address that was being given out used to belong to a server from long ago, The route was never removed. Thanks everyone!
Thanks for the grade. Good luck.
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