Will RDP-Client v.6 running on Windows Mobile 6.1 connect to Windows 2012 R2 Terminal Server?

In our warehouse environment, we have xxx Motorola MC9090's running Windows Mobile 6.1.  The handhelds connect to a home grown application via RDP to a Windows 2003 terminal server.  We are in plans to retire Windows-2003 servers accordingly and will be replacing them with 2012 R2 Terminal servers.  

We are trying to determine what, if any upgrades we need to consider for the RDP clients on the handhelds.

There are lots of misleading and conflicting documentation regarding older RDP clients connecting to Windows 2012 RS terminal servers.  

This seems like a yes or no question....
We're looking for some sort of comparison or document sheet that shows RDP compatibility by TS server OS.

All comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated......
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Cliff GaliherCommented:
You will be hard pressed to find an official support stance on this. The OSes that only supported RDPv6 are all well out of Microsoft's support lifecycle. So Microsoft can break compatibility with RDPv6 in the name of security and not suffer much blowback. And since RDPv6 only uses TLS 1.0, you can bank on this being likely (if it isn't broken already.) Last I checked, it still technically worked, but that was almost a year ago. Poodle, heartbleed, and most recently, FREAK could all change the game, and these won't be the last.

In short, it's past time to be replacing those WM devices.
rmjcvelez007Author Commented:
Thanks Cliff.  What about using Terminal Server 2008 R2?  Should downgrade our Terminal Server OSes to Win-2008-R2 to buy some time?  New  handhelds will no doubt break the budget.  

thanks again.
Cliff GaliherCommented:
Same boat. The issue isn't how new 2012 is, but how old RDPv6 is. Patching FREAK (or some future TLS 1.0 exploit) can break 2008 R2s RDPv6 support easily as well. And since that'd be a security patch, it can happen well into 2008 R2's extended support.  In short, if you are still using RDPv6, you are playing with fire and are on borrowed time.
rmjcvelez007Author Commented:
Thanks again for your comments-
Our win-mobile devices and terminal servers are on an isolated (VLAN) network and the traffic never traverses the internet.

In our scenario, if we're willing to play with fire ;>) Will windows mobile 6.1 using TLS 1.0 connect to a Windows 2012 Terminal Server?  Does Windo

In other words, to make our Win-6.1 mobile devices work for the next 6 months, could we deploy Windows 2012 R2 Terminal  Servers, never update or patch the servers to buy some time, then purchase new mobile devices when feasible?

thanks again..
Cliff GaliherCommented:
It did last I checked. But the 2012 R2 RTM ISO isn't even in my VLSC anymore. It's the November update. And I'm not in a position to install and and test that against v6. Thus my statement that it is a swiftly moving target. So depending on what and how you buy (VL, etc) you may find you are already too late. Which may be you are finding conflicting reports.

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