Configure Zone Based Firewall with Configuration Professional

I want to configure the zoned bases firewall on a Cisco Router with the cisco configuration professional. I am doing this from the outside (untrusted) network. So when I run the wizard I choose the basic of advanced firewall wizard. But when I do this I see the note: Do not select the interface through which you accessed Cisco CP as the outside (untrusted) interface. If you do, you will not be able to launch Cisco CP from that interface after you complete the Firewall Wizard.

Is there any way workaround I can configure it with the CCP from the outside interface because otherwise I have to drive to the customer.
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The Self Zone could be blocked from the outside interface and setting up a firewall from the outside is scary.  However you could use something like Teamviewer to remote to an inside PC (assuming you allow Teamveiwer or the like through the firewall) and then add the zones and permissions to the SELF Zone to the outside untrusted Zone.
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