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Solaris 8 ufs restore

I installed solaris 8 on a ultra5 workstation, I then used ufsdump to dump all the partitions onto a network drive. Next I wrote a script to partition a new drive then restore the the ufsdump's onto the new drive. Next I used the solaris 8 02/04 install disk with the "boot cdrom -s" command. once at the prompt I setup the network and mounted the nfs share containing the ufsdump's to "/a". I then ran the script then rebooted with "reboot -- -r" and the system comes up with no errors. I then used the new system with no notable errors.

Next I created a solaris 8 jumpstart disk which boots up and runs a script to mount the network share to "/a" then runs the same script as above to partition and restore the disk. This time when the system reboots I get the following message after boot.
"tester  ufs_log: WARNING: ufs log for /mnt changed state to Error
"tester ufs_log: WARNING Please umount (1M) /mnt and run fsck(1M)"

The system seems to work ok but I keep getting this message. It seems that it is the cdrom causing the warning because if I leave the cdrom out of the drive the error goes away. But as soon as I put the cd back in I get the warning. I also tried booting into single user mode and running fsck on all the drives.

One thing to note is that I tried the same procedure using but installing solaris 2.5.1 then creating ufsdumps of that install and restoring it using the same script and it does not have the error.
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Joseph Gan

8/22/2022 - Mon
Joseph Gan

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Thanks for the help from many google searches I found the issue. I'm creating the jumpdisk on a solaris 10 which enables ufs logging by default on all mounts. Part of the procedure to create the jumpdisk requires me to mount  the /dev/lofi/1 , in order to add some files. When I did this it enable ufs logging on the cd partition so when ever I had that cd in It gave the error. The fix was to disable ufs logging when it was mounted.

"mount -o nologging /dev/lofi/1 /mnt"

This fixed the issue but I guess the issue was only when I inserted that specific boot cd. Once I made the change during creation of the jumpstart disk I no longer had the Warning.

Thanks for your help. I'm going to accept your response as accepted solution because my last question did not even get a response and was deleted.
Joseph Gan

Nice work.
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