How to move Subnet to a diff Site in AD with powershell

I am collapsing a site in AD due to a topology change. I am looking for a PowerShell command to move all of the subnets associated with that Site to a different site... any quick way short of exporting, deleting and re-creating? thanks for any suggestions
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Tony MassaCommented:
Windows Server 2008 does not have a command to do this in PowerShell without re-creating the AD object.  You would have to use something like ADMOD to do this:
admod -b cn=<Subnet-Name>,cn=Subnets,cn=Sites,cn=Configuration,dc=YourForest,dc=net objectClass::subnet siteObject::<New-Site-DN>

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The PowerShell commands to do this were added in server 2012
Set-ADReplicationSubnet -Identity <Subnet-Name> -Site <New-Site-Name>

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TXRhinoAuthor Commented:
I substituted variables form a text file... worked great thanks...
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