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Toshiba Netbook Problem

cescentman asked
I have a curious problem on my Toshiba NB500 Netbook. With the PSU plugged in the laptop starts fine and currently the battery shows 95%. It runs with no problem.

With the PSU unplugged the netbook won't boot and shows no HDD detected.

If it is booted with the PSU plugged and then the PSU is unplugged the netbook crashes with a BSOD after a couple of minutes. My first thought was that this was a hardware problem with the battery but I have tried a replacement and there is no change in behaviour.

Anyone any ideas what might be happening?
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Natty GregIn Theory (IT)

If under warranty send it back for repair. IF not it will be a costly motherboard repair.

However ope the back of the unit and try to reseat the harddrive.
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i agree with the above - it seems the battery charging circuitry is faulty
Spoke to a colleague who suggested the following-

Turn off the netbook.
Remove the battery from the netbook.
Connect the AC adapter to the netbook and make sure the AC adapter is the only power source of the netbook.
Turn on the netbook.
After the netbook is on, insert the battery into the netbook

... it worked like a charm


The solution is here