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Replay logs after restore full Exchange2010 machine snapshot

After a server crash, my Exchange 2010 mailbox store starts crashing every few seconds.
I have a full snapshot of the machine ( under vmware ) from a few hours before it started crashing.
Still, for 2 days it worked "on and off" .
I would like to know if the following is possible, and how to do it:
- restore the machine to a safe state before the crash ( 2 days ago ) - no problem here
- replay in the restored machine's exchange mailbox store all the log files that came **after** that time

Many thanks
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Snapshots of an Exchange server is not a recommended method to backup Exchange. You should use an Exchange aware backup application.
It should be possible, but this is something you are best done under the guidance of Microsoft support. Due to the way that Exchange heavily integrates with AD, there is a good chance it may not work.

Personally, if the database files are intact then I would recover the server (new build, same name, same OS, install Exchange with the recovery switches). If the system became unstable recently there is every chance it will happen again to your snapshot.

Exchange Experts
The checkpoint file determines where recovery will begin.

When store mount the exchange store replay all the logs automatically.

Suggest you to Move the existing check point file to some where else and try to replay logs again.

ESEUTIL /R E00 /lF:\MDB01\Logfiles /sF:\MDB01\Logfiles

The /l indicates the location of the system files (i.e. the checkpoint file) and the /s indicated the location of the transaction log files.