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Attachments being sent to multiple user on same exchange

bchambers233 asked
Hi all,
When an internal user sends an internal email to multiple users with a picture attachment, does this picture actually sit in everyone's mailbox or does it stay on the exchange server? I only ask as our mail store is becoming very large and users keep sending emails too over a 100 internal users at a time with multiple pictures attached.
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yes it's sits in everyone's mail box... the best practice in this scenario if the images are too large create a shared mailbox and give access rights to users

or a storage server and share images using FTP...

in shared mailbox all users are able to access single mailbox shared images. so it'll reduce multiple copies of images all the best.

check this link to create shared mailbox

all the best
network tech
 you can set many rules for email being sent around your domain by -opening "exchange management console", and under "organization configuration", hub transport", "transport rules".
-in the "action" pane click "new transport rule". (uncheck "enable rule") and name your rule "test" or whatever. (also any comments you want to make)
-click "next" and you will see a list of rules that you can set
-if you see rules that will help you in controlling email and/or attachments, check them. (this is sort of like rules in outlook)
-make sure you rename rule to something sensible, make a comment so you know why you created rule and make sure you enable rule if you want to start using it.
 Good luck.

It's true, the message will store in every recipient's mailbox database.
As a user, you can compress the size of picture, please refer to:
As a Exchange administrator, you can create a transport rule to limit mail flow. Or, increase the size of user's mailbox database.