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I have some articles to convert from pdf to text, but some lines are blocked. I can´t copy and past those lines in the middle of the article. What can I do to be able to copy and past all pdf.
Jose BredariolPMPAsked:
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Nathan RileyFounderCommented:
Open up Microsoft Word and you can copy as an image then clip from the screen and then copy text from picture.  Here's a YouTube example.  Start at 1:30 in.

Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
Hi Jose,

It depends on why they are "blocked". It may be that it's an image, not text, in which case you can right-click it and do a Copy Image:

Acrobat context menu on image
Then you may Paste it wherever you want, such as Paint or Word. Or you may select Save Image As from the context menu and put it in a file.

Another idea is to see what happens when you convert the PDF to text. Here's an EE 5-minute video Micro Tutorial that explains how to do it:

Xpdf - Convert PDF Files to Plain Text Files - Part 3

When you do that, do you get the "blocked" text?

Still another idea is to do a Select All in Adobe Acrobat or Reader, then a Copy, and then a Paste into Word. Regards, Joe
Jose BredariolPMPAuthor Commented:
Thanks all
Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
You're welcome, Jose. Happy to help. Regards, Joe
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