Can OTV run over an existing layer 2 link?


I have two sites connected via a layer 2 handoff from the ISP.  The L2 link terminates into an ASR.
Do I need to convert it to layer 3 to be able to do OTV?
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As long as layer 3 connectivity exists between locations OTV allows you to basically tunnel layer 2 inside layer3.
OTV is MAC-in-IP.

Here is a good link for configuring OTV on an ASR -

harbor235 ;}
AkinsdNetwork AdministratorCommented:
OTV (Overlay Transport Virtualization) is used to extend Layer 2 applications without the need to convert to layer 3. 

Do I need to convert it to layer 3 to be able to do OTV?
Craig BeckCommented:
Akinsd is right.

The link between sites is L3 already anyway as you have a link between the ASRs, so from the side you want to extend it's routed anyway.
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