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Folder redirection not working on Windows 7

I have a Windows 2008 Domain controller also using it as a file server. I have 5 Windows 7 computer joined to the domain and folder redirection is working fine on all workstations.

I had to un-join one computer because I got the "trust relationship broken" message.

Now when I join the computer again everything works except for folder redirection. I have a policy that does both the drive mapping and folder redirection. The drive mapping works so I know the GPO is applying.

But I have this error in the event logs and don't know what to try. I have found a number of similar issue by searching on Google but so far nothing has worked. Please help!

Failed to apply policy and redirect folder "Pictures" to "\\server\RedirectedFolders\time01\My Documents\My Pictures".
 Redirection options=0x9211.
 The following error occurred: "Can not create folder "\\server\RedirectedFolders\time01\My Documents\My Pictures"".
 Error details: "Access is denied.
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Try disabling Offline Files altogether. That seems to do the trick. You can re-enable after. This is the procedure I use:
1.Make a backup of important user directories, e.g., Desktop and My Documents. At a minimum, backup any directory covered by your Folder Redirection GPO. That GPO and Offline Files can do nasty things to directories if you aren't careful. A backup will save you.
2.Log into the PC as an admin and DISABLE Offline Files.
Reboot the PC.
3.Log into the PC as the user having the issue. If it takes several minutes in the logon screen, then the PC is most probably copying over the My Docs, Desktop, etc., to the redirected folder as it should. Great.
4.Once the login is complete, verify that My Documents is redirected. (In Windows 7, you can right-click on My Documents and click Properties.)
5.Log out as the user.
6.Log in as the admin and re-enable Offline Files.
7.Reboot the PC.
Verify as the user that My Docs and Desktop are redirected and still valid.


I tried you steps and that did not fix it. I have tried everything under the sun now. Folder redirection for the domain admin works fine on that PC. Already created a new username and it worked at first when I logged in to the PC for the first time but then rebooted the PC and had the same problem with the new username. But still with the domain admin it kept on working.

I have given up. Restoring the PC. All other PC's in the office no problem.

This all started when I got the "trust relationship broken" message.

 It's been a long day! Checking out now...
If it is with single system, try formatting the system and check.


That is what I already did. Problem solved