Group Policy - Screensaver policy / lock screen without using user loopback ?


is it possible to set a screen saver / lock screen policy within the computer configuration ?

i know that a screen saver / lock screen policy can be applied to the user configuration and then by enabling the loopback feature it will work..

but can this be done from the computer side?
would like to do this for servers 2008/2012

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Praveen Kumar BonalaProgrammer AnalystCommented:

In Domain.. Screensaver/lock policy should be applied from user configuration only.

You can user power managemet policy from computer configuration instead of lock screen policy, which make your computer sleep after specified inactivity time.

you can enable required password when computer wakes up policy to prompt password.

Check following link for reference
DonNetwork AdministratorCommented:
Sure, but you'd have to edit the local policy on each pc.
mishcondereyaAuthor Commented:
thanks Praveen

as these servers are in a domain we certainly do not want to put them to sleep by using the power options... ive had a look into this and you could possibly set something up using those features to never shut down etc but it seems to complicated and could potentially create more problems.

im going to setup a separate GPO for this screensaver/lock feature and apply it to our servers.

thanks for your help
Praveen Kumar BonalaProgrammer AnalystCommented:
Thank you..
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