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Cloud Computing Console Access

We are looking for a cloud service that gives console access to the vm. We are using Hyper-V in our environment and we have the able to control and see the machine at all states even when it crashes. We are running a Linux and Windows Environment. Any suggestions?
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Take a look at Rackspace, they offer console access.  I have seen the feature in the Openstack space, Azure and similar dont have it yet.
Zephyr ICTCloud Architect

DigitalOcean gives console access as well, in the browser, not always ideal but it works ... It's not the same level as Rackspace but it suits me fine.
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There are quite a few cloud providers that allow this (Rackspace, CenturyLink, GreenCloud, Navisite, Matrix, Evolve IP, and too many others to ramble off), but the best thing to do is have a demo with 3-5 of the best.  I'd need a few more details on the exact things you absolutely have to see and how much you're willing to navigate their site in order to see it, etc.