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Shawn Janes
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My primary website URL is www.primary1.com. This site was hand coded and we have decided to go with a WordPress installation.

We kept the primary website live and created a sub-domain on a different servers. The URL for the newly developed site is site.primary1.com.

I would like to move site.primary1.com to a new hosting provider. During the move I changed site.primary1.com to temp.primary1.com. The homepage works on the site, however, none of the other WordPress pages work. It's giving me a 404 Not Found error.

I have no problem giving the real domain names. The only difference is the primary1 is something else.

Any suggestions on resolving this issue?
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Cloud Architect
You'll have to update your database because references to the old domain will remain in the database.
If you have access to your panel you can try this

If not, there's a few other options like directly changing it in your database for example ...

Depends on what your comfortable with and what access you still might have.

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