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I have 300 stores and I'm looking for a global QOS config that would shape/policy the bandwith based on a % of the detected ISP link speed

We have 300 stores with mostly the same router config.
The router in each store is a cisco 891 router capable of doing QOS.
Each of our store is connected to internet through a local Internet Service Provider (ISP).  They all have different ISP.
Each store has different Internet plan with different speed, some are DSL, other are using cable modem.

The connection between the router and the modem is 100Mbps. But the real speed after the modem will be different depending of the Internet plan the store is using. Exemple : 20Mbps download / 2Mbps upload.

I'm looking for a standard QOS config that would be put in each routeur and that would shape/policy the bandwith based on a % of the detected ISP link speed.  The goal here is to prevent a single desktop computer of the store to take all available bandwith of the ISP link because of youtube , cloud photo upload, etc.

Because the wan of the router is in the modem at 100Mbps, I cannot use this bandwith indication for the % calculation. The ISP link speed is much lower than that.  

In other words, I dont want to set specific qos value or bandwith manual value in each of my 300 router. Especially because the ISP speed is not the same in each site, it's a big job and it's changing all the time.  Stores owner boost their link, etc.

So, Is there a way within the router to detect the Wan real max speed and to assign dynamically % of the deduced value and assign it to different policy-map rules, etc.

Jonathan D
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AkinsdNetwork AdministratorCommented:
You may be just fine by configuring AUTO QOS.
20down 2up sounds like ADSL
Probably you must quantize bufferbloat, as you cannot detect uplink speed, especially in context of your packet shaper.
Say shaper with 50packet buffer is toothless against PBX with 5000 packet buffer per subscriber... (but looks good on speedtest.net)
AdminDetailAuthor Commented:
I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

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AdminDetailAuthor Commented:
Hi Gheist, I dont understand how bufferbloat is related to my problem. I'm looking for dynamic QOS , based on detected cable modem speed.  What are you suggesting exactly?  

There is almost no such thing. There are no analog leased lines for 10 years or so.
As first step - go to one store armed with netalyzr. I would bet provider holds 10000 packets in buffer and any QoS attempts by you will be doomed to fail.
Best you can do is to keep outgoing queue very short and hope CBWFQ or similar never fills huge buffers in PBX
1000 packets my residential provider keeps is "just" 10s of my megabit uplink. Best you can do is to reduce outgoing buffers on latest interface to provider to the level it can still saturate uplink.
Some routers can do that dynamically if that later interface somehow reports useful TX speed rating.
AdminDetailAuthor Commented:
I understand that there's no full solution .Best I can do is to reduce outgoing buffers on latest interface to provider to the level it can still saturate uplink.
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