Split Delivery from Google Apps to Outlook/Exchange

I can find articles about how to enable split delivery but can not find any settings related to outlook/exchange

I have an exchange account setup with Office 365 online but can not find any host settings.

Setting up split delivery in gmail I have to create a new host then it asks me to "Specify email server". I have no idea what that is asking for.  When I log into the admin interface on exchange I see a lot of options but can not find host info and when I log into outlook.com I also can not find host settings. Are the settings generic like "s.outlook.com" or would it be unique to my account.?

I also have no idea how to connect Outlook 365 to exchange. I have setup hundreds of gmail users but have never had anything to do with exchange.
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
outlook.com is NOT exchange or office 365  .. mail.office365.com is office 365 Outlook Web Access

from outlook account settings
BiofilmincAuthor Commented:
That works. My settings were fine. I had to use outlook.office365.com

Not sure why my login and password worked for outlook.com
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