Calculated Field Powerpivot and trying to use this function TOTALMTD (Expression, Date_Column [, SetFilter])

Can someone explain how this breaks down in terms of fields i need to refer to. I've tried a bunch of variations and keep getting #error. I want to sum a column across the Month to date called "SLOutAdj" based on  the values in a column called "queue".

I created another table called calender with the dates listed and month number, month name etc. The 'Call' table which contains the SLOutAdj column also contains multiple dates for each day linked to queue names.

I tried this
=TOTALMTD(sum([SLOutAdj],Calender[Date])) but no joy
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pls try


instead of


titanium123Author Commented:
=TOTALMTD(SUM([Sum of ServiceLevel]),Calender[Date])

im getting this error now

The SUM function only accepts a column reference as the argument number 1.
titanium123Author Commented:
I have changed the formula to this


and get no error but it does not provide an accumulated number in the column just replicates the number in the Servicelevel column
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Sorry can't help further
titanium123Author Commented:
I worked it out. I was making the mistake of trying to use the totalmtd formula as a calculated column. It needs to be a calculated field.

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titanium123Author Commented:
No solution offered, I worked out what I was doing wrong and posted answer to my own question
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