How to determine the model number of a Diamond Multimedia Video Card

Gareth Gudger
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Does anyone know how to identify what model a Diamond Multimedia Video Card is?

I loaded Windows 8.1 on a system and Microsoft sees it as a generic. Doesn't appear that Diamond puts much more than a serial number on their cards. I was hoping to catch Diamond tech support but sadly they are closed for the evening.

It looks like it might be one of the HD 6700 series by first glance.

Just wondered if anyone knew a trick on identifying this particular manufacturer.

Was considering just using the detect and install driver feature at AMD.
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A) Do what you said.
Was considering just using the detect and install driver feature at AMD.

B) Upload a photo of the card, so that we at least have a visual.
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Install HWiNFO, the best system information utility for Windows, and it should give you full details of all your hardware, including the GPU:
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as an alternative - i suggest Siw :
Alan HendersonRetired marine engineer

I was a fan of SIW, I understand that the free version is no longer updated and doesn't support Windows 8.

From techsupportalert:
Does not support Windows 8 and above, free version no longer updated."
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Thanks everyone. HWInfo confirmed I had a Diamond Multimedia Radeon HD 5670. Sadly they didn't have drivers for 8.1. But I was able to get those directly from AMD. Thanks again!

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