WIFI repeater (level 2 repeater?

I have a Ubiquiti UniFi Outdoor AP.  I subscribe to a service to provide free wifi for my customers in an open, outdoor area.  The service is called "Purple" and it is a service that puts its own firmware on the AP and monitors any device in the area by picking up the mac address.  If a wireless device owner goes through the connect process, which involves "liking" our facebook page, then we grant them free internet.  If they come back to our site, then we welcome them and allow them to continue using the free wifi.  This helps us provide coupons and direct communications.  It works pretty well, all in all.

However, there are some technical difficulties that bring me to ask this question in this manner:

Is there a way that I can put a wifi repeater on a pole and have it "transfer" all of the traffic to the UniFi AP?  While I'm not an expert on how a repeater works, I do know this:  My AP works off of the mac address of the wireless device connecting to it.  But distance problems prevent me from getting every device to connect directly.  

I need to put up "repeaters" around the grounds that are TOTALLY transparent to the AP so that it looks like the wireless clients are connecting directly to the AP.  

Any words of direction?
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Zephyr ICTCloud ArchitectCommented:
Hi, I think what you're looking for is a "AP-WDS", it will indeed repeat (re-transmit) the signal (frames) from the original AP but do know that using this technology will always suffer about 50% loss due to how this technology works.

In enterprises this issue gets resolved by setting up a mesh-like network and using something like Wireless controllers that the AP's connect to...
tspeicherAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the direction.  I will research the "AP-WDS" more and give it a try.  I've seen it in the settings but never understood what it was used for.

The mesh is the big problem because of the way "Purple" works.  Each Purple AP is it's own network and with these (inexpensive) Ubiquiti AP-Outdoor devices, they do not "mesh" with each other.

Thanks for your help.
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