Creating Unique ID from multiple columns

Hi experts,

I need help with the following. I have attached an excel file for reference. I have three fields, A, C and D. I want the unique ID in column B (highlighted). I want the Column B output as shown where the result should be unique and be a combination of column C.D.A . There should be a period in between as Orange.ABC.1 as a unique combination.

Thanks in advance
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Rodney EndrigaData AnalystCommented:
This would also give you the same result:


You can enter this formula in B2 and drag it down
Michael FowlerSolutions ConsultantCommented:
Just use a formula

=C2 & "." & D2 & "." & A2

Open in new window

Just enter this formula in B2 and drag it down
techEverestAuthor Commented:
Thanks both works great.
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