DHCP server Sonicwall TZ 205 or Mac mini server?

One of the places I work just purchased a TZ 205 and we love it. At the other place I work we are about to replace out aging tz100 and we are going to get the TZ 205, the question I have is, with the content filter, gateway antivirus and intrusion protection on how much performance and throughput impact will there be if we also use it as the dns and dhcp server? We have an aging windows server that we are going to decommission soon as all it is now is an AD server and a dns and dhcp server, we are an all mac shop so I am moving all the machines to OD and im trying to decide whether I want to use the Apple server as the DNS and DHCP server or if I want the new sonicwall to pull that duty as well. The apple server is just a middle tier mac mini so its not very powerful. We have 45 client pc’s and 15 networked printers and there will be roughly 40-50 mobile devices on the wifi that either will have deal with as the DHCP server. I want as simple and easy to manage setup as possible. So which would be my better choice, The Sonicwall or the Apple server?
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Zephyr ICTCloud ArchitectCommented:
Seems you will be fine, as you said, it's not a "heavy user" environment ... The extra load the DHCP and DNS will bring will not be noticeable, just set the leases as high as possible, it would be nice if there would be a separate lease for mobile users, but then again, if these mobile users are "regulars" a long lease isn't a problem.

Just being a router and firewall isn't the problem, it's mostly the extra features that slows things down, like anti-virus checking, IPS and things like that, you probably can see on the manufacturer's info page for the device that when IPS is doing it's thing it will have a far less higher throughput than when it's purely firewalling ...

But again, you'll probably be fine here ...
Zephyr ICTCloud ArchitectCommented:
There will be a lot of answers with "it depends" ... What's your Internet line's specs like? What's coming in?

All will depend on how much "heavy" users will be connecting/going over this firewall at the same time (concurrent connections) ... If a lot of traffic is going through the firewall and you have all bells and whistles enabled it might struggle... In any case, the extra load from DHCP and DNS will not be that much, unless you have your lease time set to a bare minimum, but even then... It might be so that, while the firewall is handling a lot of traffic DNS replies slow down somewhat because the processor can't keep up... But again, it's a little speculation.
jessebruffettAuthor Commented:
We have a 50mps cable line through Cox business. One static IP, but that will be expanded two 2. 16 of our machines are for our preschool/elementary's computer lab so it's pretty low rent usage wise. We have one peraon who uploads HD videos to YouTube 1-2 times a week, we use Office 365 for email and cloud storage but most of that is simple word docs. All of our media and large shared files are on a Synology NAS. We have been getting by fine with a TZ 100, but recently I've been noticing a defridation in Internet speed because of it, enough to maintain speeds over 12mbps I have to restart it weekly. I can't see the TZ 205 being tapped out on just being a router and firewall, but I have no idea what the DHCP and DNS load will put on it. I'm not sure how long the DHCP server on those will let me set them but I'd set them to 7 days of I could.
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